Development Tracks

One of the primary goals of Church Residency is to offer a well-rounded experience that will equip a leader with the many different competencies needed to be successful in full-time church ministry.


  • Mission/vision and creating/casting

  • Strategic planning

  • Goal setting

  • Building/leading teams

  • Creating a reproducing/sending leadership culture


  • Up-front communication (preaching, teaching, etc.)

  • General pastoral duties (weddings, funerals, etc.)

  • Pastoral counseling

  • Creating a volunteer culture (recruiting, training, retaining)

  • Evangelism

  • Specialized ministry competencies (according to areas of focus)


  • Spiritual (personal discipleship, spiritual disciplines, etc.)

  • Emotional (emotional health, personal boundaries/margin/time management, "EQ," etc.)

  • Relational (interpersonal relationships, family background, accountability/mentoring, etc)

  • Financial (personal budget, giving/saving, retirement/long-term planning, clergy tax issues)


  • Team dynamics and conflict resolution

  • Interoffice communication

  • Church marketing and social media

  • Preparing and overseeing a budget

  • Human Resources practices/issues

  • Time management

  • Event planning

  • Leading effective meetings

Areas of Focus

We currently offer ten focus areas:

  • Church Planter

  • Worship Arts

  • Church Production

  • Creative / Communications

  • Children

  • Students / Youth

  • College

  • Adult Discipleship

  • Missions