Kasie Aikins
Kids Ministry

AGE: 20
HOMETOWN: Burlington, Kansas
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Fort Hays State University; Elementary Education
CALL TO MINISTRY: My heart has been in ministry since my first day of being a church camp counselor!
FAVORITE FOOD: Naked chicken strips from Raising Cane’s   FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK:
Iced caramel latte with extra caramel from Dunkin’ Donuts


Ethan Fritzler

AGE: 22
HOMETOWN: Bennett, Colorado
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Nebraska Christian College; Next Generation Ministry
CALL TO MINISTRY: I volunteered to lead a middle school boys small group at my home church after graduating high school, and somewhere along the way I knew that youth ministry is what I am meant to do.
FAVORITE FOOD: Burgers, pizza, burritos, lasagna... I'm not picky!   


Women’s Ministry

AGE: 31
HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Missouri State University, B.S. Professional Writing; University of Nebraska at Omaha, M.A. Communication
CALL TO MINISTRY: After months of feeling restless and praying for direction, I experienced a series of events that only God could orchestrate, leading me to CCC and saying yes to ministry.
Iced Americano


Jacob Bittner
Middle School Ministry

AGE: 23
HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Grace University; Youth Ministry
CALL TO MINISTRY: I don’t have one specific moment, but I grew up in camp and youth group and I am passionate about what they offer. I decided I want my life to be the same.
FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza… burgers are climbing the ladder though.
I like it all, but I’m weak so it just can’t be too hot.


McKenzie Janzen
High School MINISTRY

AGE: 27
HOMETOWN: Wichita, Kansas
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Tabor College; Communications and Biblical & Religious Studies
CALL TO MINISTRY: Ever since I accepted Christ at a young age,
I dreamed of a day when I would do ministry. God has been developing this passion within me since the beginning.
FAVORITE FOOD: Breadsticks. Always.   

Jake Peterson
College Ministry

AGE: 22
HOMETOWN: Blair, Nebraska
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Crown College; General Liberal Studies
CALL TO MINISTRY: I was encouraged to think about ministry when I was in middle school... and here I am!
FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza with all the toppings   
FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Black coffee or Caramel Mocha


Reis Pieper
Church Planting Ministry

AGE: 21
HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Grace University; Psychology
CALL TO MINISTRY: I became confident that I had been called to ministry when I had an opportunity to lead a men’s ministry on Cru’s San Diego Summer Mission.
FAVORITE FOOD: Beef Stroganoff   
FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Americano with heavy cream


Leah Pieper
Church Planting Ministry

AGE: 21
HOMETOWN: Omaha, Nebraska
COLLEGE/DEGREE: University Nebraska at Omaha; Exercise Science—Kinesiology
CALL TO MINISTRY: I felt called to ministry on a Cru summer mission to San Diego where I had the opportunity to encourage and walk alongside other college girls in their walks with Jesus. God put a fire in my bones for loving his Church and seeking his Kingdom after that summer!
FAVORITE FOOD: Chips and salsa!
FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Iced almond milk latte

Rachel Webb
Women's Ministry

AGE: 24
HOMETOWN: Conway, Arkansas
COLLEGE/DEGREE: University of Central Arkansas; Elementary Education
CALL TO MINISTRY: In college I became very involved in a campus ministry called Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). I began to fall in love with women’s ministry through discipleship relationships, conferences, summer missions, and planning a women’s retreat.
FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken strips  
FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Iced caramel macchiato


Thomas Totherow
Adult Discipleship

AGE: 24
HOMETOWN: Dalton, Georgia
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Toccoa Falls College; Cross-Cultural Studies
CALL TO MINISTRY: When I was 19, God opened my eyes to how he had been working all things together in my life to give me a passion for discipleship and the unreached. I am eager to walk with men as we become more like Jesus.
FAVORITE FOOD: Anything ethnic. I love trying new things!   
FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Dirty chai with two pumps raspberry.


Carlos Ramirez
Worship Ministry

AGE: 22
HOMETOWN: Bayamón, Puerto Rico
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Toccoa Falls College; Music (Worship Arts) and Bible & Theology
CALL TO MINISTRY: I first felt the Lord call me into ministry at an Alliance Youth District Retreat in Florida.
FAVORITE FOOD: Steak and chicken tenders   
FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Tall Vanilla Latte (2 Splendas, whipped cream, mocha drizzle)


Dania Ramirez
Worship Ministry

AGE: 23
HOMETOWN: Quito, Ecuador
COLLEGE/DEGREE: Toccoa Falls College; Music (Worship Arts)
CALL TO MINISTRY: During moments of ministry in high school and college, I saw how special the Lord's presence was to me. He constantly did a lot of healing, encouraging, and guidance through moments of worship and I wanted to be a part of it forever.
FAVORITE FOOD: Rice and steak   
FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Lime Lemonade Refresher and Vanilla Latte